🎶 I Don't Care Who You Are, Where You're From...🎶

🎶 I Don't Care Who You Are, Where You're From...🎶

At FLO, we think BSB lyrics shouldn't apply to feminine hygiene care!

Femcare for cheeky + conscious people with periods who care about their health, the planet, their wallets and the adorable-ness of their products. London-based, female-founded, sassy-as-heck.

Make organic and natural feminine hygiene care that is healthier and eco-friendlier, yet affordable, accessible and adorable.

We use organic, natural, biodegradable and plant-based materials wherever possible. You'll find:
- 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton in our tampons, sanitised naturally with oxygen
- 100% BPA-free recyclable plastic wrappers and applicators for our tampons
- Organically grown, natural bamboo; corn fibre; paper and plant cellulose; and a PE backing sheet (soon to be biodegradable!)
in our pads
- Plant-based biowrappers on our pads
- NO nasties like synthetic fibres, chlorine bleaches, dyes, fragrances, pesticide residues or allergens
We can't compromise in a few areas: government and industry regulations, performance and comfort. We have to meet certain industry standards, and our products must do the job brilliantly - no point giving you something that you don't want to use, right?
We're innovating as fast as we can and are super excited to move forward with things like compostable 'plastics', biodegradable nanofibres, eco-sorb cocomaterial...k, that last one's not real, but everything else, we're working on!

5% of our profits go to girls in need through charities like Orchid Project, who do tough, noble work to end female genital cutting (aka FGM).
Each month, we also donate a slew of personal care products to brilliant organisations like Red Box Project, who provide free menstrual products at schools for girls in need, and Bloody Good Period, who provide free personal care products at UK asylum centres and food banks. 

Want to know more? Say hiya@hereweflo.co or on socials @hereweflo - can't wait to hear from you! 💛

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