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What's the Here We Flo mission? What's your vision?
At FLO, we want to create a world where people feel crazy confident and empowered in their life's messiest moments.

We do this through shamelessly natural products that are better for us, our loved ones and the planet🌏.

We also love delighting you with bad (errm, hilarious!) period, pee or penis jokes and doing our best to help destigmatise these traditionally taboo topics.
Are Here We Flo Period Products VAT/Tax free?
Our promise to our customers since Day One of our launch is that we would cover the Period Tax for them on all period products.

We have never charged it on top of the products base price, but rather have always paid the VAT.

We’re really pleased that the government has finally removed the unjust tax on all period products - including period pants, and we were proud to be part of the campaign to repeal the tax, just as we campaigned for the removal of the ‘tampon tax’, because we knew most companies were not covering the tax for their customers.

We are so glad that there will be a price reduction at all the retailers who were not already supporting menstruators in this way.

(We did also reduce our pants price by £5 recently in 2023 to make them more affordable but this was unrelated to VAT, because as mentioned above, we had already committed to covering tax for our customers).
Where do 5% of Here We Flo profits go?
We donate 5% of our profits to The Orchid Project who are fighting against Female Genital Cutting (also known as FGM), Bloody Good Period, who provide menstrual products, AKT, who are helping young LGBTQ+ folk who are facing homelessness .

We also make monthly product donations to food and hygiene banks, period drives, homeless shelters and more!
Who are your products for?
Our products are for everyone who menstruates, wees themselves or has sex. Simple as that💗

We use gender-inclusive language because we don't want anyone to be left out from these important, taboo-smashing conversations and we recognise that not everyone who menstruates is a woman and that not every woman menstruates.

When we do use the word 'woman', we want to assure you that this includes women and those who menstruate. Wherever necessary to make a point about the biological aspects our products are tailored to, we will use inclusive language like 'people who menstruate/have bladder problems', 'vulva/penis owners' etc.

And no, we don't shy away from using the words 'vulva', 'vagina', 'penis' because we think they are absolutely ESSENTIAL in empowering people to talk about their sexual and reproductive health and fostering helpful and educational conversations about our bodies🙌.
Why is the packaging so pink / cute?
Long story short, our SHE-EO and co-founder Tara is lactose intolerant. But whenever she was on her period, she always had massive cravings for ice-cream🍦 and sweets 🍭 - that's how we came up with the genius tampons-in-an-ice-cream-tub idea! We do all of our design in-house, so the rest is maaagic.✨

We believe pink is a feminist colour and no one should be ashamed of their period, and we LOVE being funny in everything we do. As Susan, our co-founder once said "There are many ways to smash the patriarchy - ours just happens to be humour."💁‍♀️🙌

Chances are, if you're reading this - you're on the same page, so welcome to the family!💕
Where can I find Here We Flo products in stores (UK retailers)?
You can find your nearest store that stocks Here We Flo products here.

Plus, all the product ranges in the Here We Flo family can be found in lots of really awesome independent health & organic shops throughout the UK!
How are Here We Flo period products sustainable?
We aim to be as sustainable & accessible as possible, whilst also providing great quality products that do their job. This means we're always striving to find the right balance between making products that are reliable and eco-friendly.

That's why all of our packaging is either compostable or recyclable. For example, our FLO Non-Applicator Tampons, Bamboo Pads and Bamboo Liners, as well as our glo Bamboo Pads and Liners are all wrapped in 100% compostable, plant-based wrappers. Our Sustainable Tampon Applicators are 95% plant-based (sugarcane) and are also recyclable (please do check locally!).

Our XO! eco-friendly condoms are CO2-neutral and made in a solar-powered factory.

Plus, all of our outer packaging is FSC-certified recyclable and biodegradable cardboard.

We also use none 🙅‍♀️ of the nasties you'll find in conventional tampons and pads - no fragrances, no dyes, no allergens or harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach. Nothing but natural goodness in our products! And ALL of our products are vegan + cruelty-free, certified by PETA and The Vegetarian Society.

We're also working towards becoming a fully CO2-neutral company by the end of 2024!🌱
Why do you not use the words 'Hygiene' or 'Sanitary'?
The issue with words like ‘hygiene’ and ‘sanitary’ is that it implies our bodies & periods are dirty!

Periods aren’t any more unsanitary or unhygienic than any other bodily function, yet, of all the bodily 'messes' we experience as humans, periods are the only ones we describe in terms of ‘sanitation’ so explicitly.

This furthers the stigma that periods are dirty or something to be ashamed of, and set us back in really important conversations about our reproductive health!
Do Here We Flo products expire?
They say that age shouldn't matter? It does in this case! Always check the shelf-life of Here We Flo products. The shelf life tells you how long it takes until we don't recommend people use our products - be them FLO period care products, glo bladder care or XO!'s sustainable sex range!

Even though you'll see the words 'biodegradable' or 'compostable' being used quite frequently by us, please don't take that to mean that they will spontaneously biodegrade whilst you're using them, thus making them unsafe.

As long as you play smart and follow our recommendations, you'll be alright!

Now for the actual shelf life: you can use our eco-applicator tampons for up to 5 years, our biodegradable bamboo pads/liners will last for up to 3 years and so will our XO! condoms. (make sure they make it out of your crush's wallet by then though 😉)
Where are Here We Flo products made?
Most of us like to know more about the food we eat since it's going into our bodies, so why shouldn't we know what's going into our vaginas!?

Our organic cotton is sourced from Europe, our organic bamboo is sourced from South-East Asia and our XO! eco-friendly condoms come from Malaysia through our amazing Regenerative Rubber Initiative partnership!
Are you sustainable when it comes to transporting your products?
We keep our manufacturing processes local to the regions where the ingredients are sourced from, so that our overall carbon emissions are kept at a minimum.

We also aim to ship our products via sea most of the time for the same reason AND we offset our company CO2 emissions through organisations like Climate Partner and Ecologi.

As a small business, our aim is to become fully carbon-neutral by the end of 2023.💪
Are Here We Flo products ever tested on animals? Is FLO vegan? Is glo vegan? Is XO! vegan?
Na-ah! We've never tested our products on animals and we never will.

We’re Vegan + Cruelty-Free certified by PETA🐰 and The Vegetarian Society🌱!
How long will my delivery take to arrive? What do I do if my order hasn't arrived in a few days? (UK)
Due to warehouse delays, we are working hard to dispatch orders within 4-5 business days, thanks for your patience.

We deliver via Royal Mail and our price includes free 2nd Class shipping that arrives in 3-5 business days.

Paid Express Delivery orders come by Royal Mail 1st Class delivery and take 1-2 business days to arrive.
We recommend you set your charge date to at least 7 days before your period is due, to make sure that the products get to you on time. Play smart, not hard! 😉💕

If you think your order might be late, follow our rule of thumb: for order less than 7 days late from the date when you were charged, wait a teeny-tiny bit longer (thank you for your patience!) - it's likely that your order is on its way to you! If it's more than 7 days late from the date when you got charged, definitely give us a shout at and we'll sort it for you!

Royal Mail does not offer tracking services for 1st and 2nd class parcels, so we appreciate the patience and we're sorry that you won't be able to stalk your parcel while it's on its way to you.👀
Why are your products more expensive online than in physical stores?
On our website, our products start at £4.99 and include free shipping. Our retail partners usually sell them for less for a few reasons, but most importantly because they have complex and cost-effective logistical capabilities.

As we’re a small team of women, delivering directly to your door means accounting for letterbox-friendly packaging, warehousing (picking & packing) and delivery fees that we simply can’t absorb entirely.

Similarly, most retailers make companies pay quite a bit of £££ so they can be on promotion throughout the year and increase the likelihood of people trying the products out.

So, while we’re very happy for our customers to buy us wherever it’s more convenient and affordable for them, there is simply no way for us to sell on our website at the same price as in stores.

Regardless of where you buy your products from, though, 5% of profits go to people + planet!🙌💖
What marketing material will I get from you?
We aim to keep our communications at the minimum, so we won't bother you unless we have important things to say.

Every now and then, you might receive a notification about our latest feminist blog post, any new products or offers we may add on our website, as well as other relevant news.

If it's all getting a bit too much (we know how it can be!😅), you can easily unsubscribe at any moment via one of the emails we send you.
Can I stock your products?
We're so glad you asked - why, yes you can! Please email us at and we'll be in touch right away!

You can also head to our wholesale page to find out a bit more about getting FLO on your shelves/ office/ school/ college & also have a peek at the other companies that have already jumped on the FLO-wagon!💗
What if I want to organise a brand collaboration? Are you open to partnering with anyone?
The answer is yes! We are always looking to partner up with cool feminist brands or with people who really *get* us💕.

We can't promise we'll be able to say yes to every partnership request (we are still very small), but we do try to get back to each request!

In any case, give us a shout on our social media or by emailing us at with your request to join our feminist gang and we will get back to you about it soon!
I can't find the answer I was looking for on this list...
Worry not! Just send slide into our DMs at and we’ll get back to you with an answer ASAP.


How do I manage my Here We Flo subscription?
Once you place a subscription order, you’ll receive an activation email to set up your account with us. You can pause, switch to other products or cancel your subscription at any time by signing into your account via the 'Login' button on our website (top right).

You will receive an email reminder 3 days before every order makes its way to you. If you want to cancel your subscription, make sure to do it once you received your reminder - so you can avoid any unwanted deliveries/ charges. If an order has already been shipped by our warehouse, we will be unable to issue a refund, and, due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns.

Make sure you’ve registered/activated your account before attempting to log in to manage your account, otherwise you could receive and error saying that your email address is not recognised!

If you run into any problems, reach out to us at and we'll sort it for you!
My period doesn’t come regularly, can I change my delivery date?
We’re always happy to help you adjust the frequency of your deliveries to match your FLO/glo. You can change your next charge date in the Manage Subscriptions -> Edit section, as well as the delivery frequency, product quantity, etc.

For more specific adjustments, please give us a shout at!
How do I pause my FLO subscription?
Oh-so-easy! Simply log into your customer account by clicking on My Orders at the top of the page > select Manage Subscriptions > choose the product you'd like to pause > change the Next Delivery / Charge Date to whenever you want your order to be processed next.

You can also scroll further down where you'll see the Skip Shipment button, which will set your next charge date to the following calendar month. Happy edits!
I would like to change my delivery/ billing address. I moved to a new address, help?
This is so easy you can do it in your sleep! (well, almost) Log into your customer account > click 'My Addresses' where you can edit your delivery address, billing address & card information.

If you're having any trouble with this, feel free to send an email over to us at and we'll send some help your way!
I signed up for a subscription but didn’t create an account. How do I manage my subscription?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you! If you’re not able to log in with your email address, it’s because you probably forgot to sign up the first time you placed an order.

But fear not – we're coming to your rescue! If you can’t find the first set-up email you received in your inbox (with your first order), simply give us a shout at and we’ll sort you out within 24 hours!

We might take until Monday morning to respond over the weekend, but don’t worry about it! Everything is fixable. Plus, all orders that are charged over the weekend are shipped by our lovely warehouse partners on Monday morning.
You charged me for a subscription and I only meant to buy a one-off product.
Mistakes happen, and if you didn't mean to sign up for anything other than a one-time product, you can correct this by logging into your customer account by clicking on the My Orders button > selecting Manage Subscriptions > Edit in order to unsubscribe. If you think we made a mistake or if you'd like any further assistance on managing your account, email us at and we'll be happy to help.

We send out email notifications 3 days prior to you being charged for any subscriptions, so do keep an eye out for this if you want to make any changes!
How do I cancel my Here We Flo subscription?
That should be easy peasy and can be done in a few seconds!

Anytime you want to cancel any item from your subscriptions, you can follow this trusty trail: log into to your customer account on My Orders at the top right hand corner of any page of our website (you'll have to create a customer account if you haven't already) > go to Manage Subscriptions > click on any specific product by selecting Edit > just scroll down a bit further (past where you can see your delivery/ billing information) and... voilà!

You've successfully unsubscribed from that specific product (repeat with as many products you wish to unsubscribe to.

You can always resubscribe later if you change your mind by logging back into your account. That is, if you're missing us... we'll certainly be missing you! 💛


Our community is bloody brilliant. If you’re into period puns & all the tea, come find us at @hereweflo

“I had been wanting to try Flo for ages, what really attracted me to this brand was the fast that the tampons are biodegradable and plastic free. Which in this day and age is really important, as we try to help the environment.”
“I care about the environment but I still can't make the switch to the cup / reusable pads, so after trying out a few brands, this is the best I could find for my type of flow. Really comfy and easy to insert, even without applicators.”
“You have the best product out there! Tried the tampons, pads and liners and I still don’t get why you aren’t in every supermarket etc 💕”
Ellie B
“Had a subscription for a few months now and really love it. Use a few of their products and all have been great! Nice to know they are good for my body and the environment. Like the company ethics! Really flexible if you need to tweak your order too.”