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Here We Flo is officially a Certified B Corporation®, which means we’re officially bloody brilliant. But “what is a Certified B Corporation®?!” we hear you ask. Fear not, we got all the answers!

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Materials By Mama Nature

We only use planet-friendly materials in our period care, bladder care, sexual wellness - so our messiest moments don’t make a mess of our planet.

Better Cotton

Certified organic cotton means no toxic substances on your bits & higher labour standards. It’s also ridiculously soft. Naturally!

Our period pants are made with BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative) which is great for your body + the environment.

Plant-Based Wrappers + Applicators

We use biodegradable + compostable plant cellulose for our pad, liner and tampon wrappers, and sugarcane biopolymer for our applicators (95% plant-based) - NO plastic here. 🙅‍♀️

Oeko-Tex Bamboo

Our bamboo is organic & edge-grown meaning it doesn’t replace food crops & certified by Oeko-Tex (it's tested for nasty chemical residues).

+ All of our outer packaging is made of FCS-certified recyclable cardboard and we’re vegan & cruelty-FREE!

Earth Changing Sex

Our Righteous Rubber Condoms are Climate neutral, meaning you can give back while getting some. 🍑

You can check out the latest projects we support via Climate Partner here or by scanning the barcode on the back of your XO! pack.

Peace, love + agroforestry

We are founding members of the Regenerative Rubber Initiative, which means we use Fair Agroforestry Latex: we cooperate directly with smallholders who earn fair wages & practice biodiverse, sustainable farming of rubber trees.

Our natural rubber condoms (once opened), biodegrade in under a year, whereas most condoms on the market take hundreds of years! 🤯

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