Collection: Glo bladder care | organic bamboo panty liners & pads

Everything you need for your sensitive bladder. Our OEKO-Tex bamboo bladder pads are sustainable, eco-friendly and silky soft.


glo products feature a charcoal core for natural odour neutralisation. We steer clear of irritating fragrances for itch-free bladder leak protection!

One Size DOESN't Fit all!

We know that right? 🤦🏻‍♀️

So we have made our super light vegan bladder pads in three convenient options!

Our organic panty liners are compact and discreet for every day use. Made from 100% organic eco-tex bamboo (the really sustainable kind). They are totally vegan and as soft as a cloud.

Our 100% natural sensitive bladder pads come in both regular and long for the perfect fit; fit for you.


We're not talking Eminem spitting lyrics about flowers. We use biodegradable + compostable plant cellulose for our pad, liner and tampon wrappers, and sugarcane biopolymer for our applicators (95% plant-based) - NO plastic here. 🙅‍♀️

Sustainability promise


Our bamboo is organic & edge-grown meaning it doesn’t replace food crops & certified by Oeko-Tex (it's tested for nasty chemical residues).

+ All of our outer packaging is made of FCS-certified recyclable cardboard and we’re vegan & cruelty-FREE!

Giving back

At Here We Flo we donate product each month to those in need + 5% of our profits go to people + planet!

We also donate period products each month to menstrual charities because our community is bloody brilliant.

Charity partners

B*tches b bcorp'ing

The UK BCorp community is growing faster than ever. As a BCorp Pending business, we cannot wait to join this community making a positive impact!

Our mission is simple; make femcare products that inspire people to feel crazy confident and empowered about their messiest bodily moments while being better for the planet.

Built by besties

Gather round, let us tell you the story of a couple of bad b*tches, a tampon and a public restroom...

Besties Tara and Susan were having a classic BFF bathroom chat in the university loos.

Susan was daydreaming about starting a the Feminist Mafia together - Tara wondered why she couldn’t find organic tampons anywhere. Loads of research, a masters dissertation and heaps of terrible period-pun business names later, FLO was born!

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