A Commitment to Equality: Our Ongoing Promise to Cover the Period Tax

A Commitment to Equality: Our Ongoing Promise to Cover the Period Tax

We started Here We Flo to support our customers with sustainable, stigma-busting solutions for their messiest moments. In keeping our pledge to being a company that does good for the planet and our community, we have ALWAYS promised to cover the Period Tax across our entire range from day one (including period pants). We are proud not only to have absorbed the tax on behalf of our customers but also to have worked with other brands and the government to see this unfair tax removed for good.

In December, the government eliminated the unjust tax on all period products, including period pants, finally ‘Saying Pants to the Tax’.

The FLO Approach

After discovering that the patriarchy was patriarch-ing and applying this unfair tax on people who menstruate, we made a conscious decision not to pass the Period Tax onto our customers by incorporating it into the base price of our organic products. Instead, we absorbed the Value Added Tax (VAT) ourselves, ensuring that our customers never had to bear the burden of an additional charge. Even though this was not common practice amongst other much larger companies in the space, we felt it was important to shield our customers from this burden.

Championing Change

The journey to the removal of the Period Tax was not without its challenges. Our team was actively involved in the campaign to repeal this tax, advocating for the fair treatment of menstruators. This advocacy extended beyond the 'tampon tax' as we passionately worked towards ensuring that period pants were also included in this positive change. We are pleased to see our efforts contribute to a significant milestone in achieving equality in the pricing of period products.

Affordability at the Forefront

Creating accessible, affordable and adorable sustainable products has been our aim from the moment our founders had their ‘a-ha’ moment in the university toilets. We’re not new to this, we’re true to this! While the fact remains that it costs more to make sustainable, plant based products, we are always looking for ways to make them as affordable as possible. For example, in 2023, we reduced the price of our period pants by £5 to make them more accessible. This decision wasn’t about the Period Tax, but our dedication to supporting our customers in every possible way. 

Fun fact: Swapping to period pants will save you up to £257 in disposable menstrual products over 3 years

As we celebrate the removal of the Period Tax, we want to express our gratitude to our customers and supporters - our amazing Flo Babes - who always show up and show out at any opportunity to help dismantle the patriarchy. We are proud to see this change, and that our decision to cover the Period Tax is no longer necessary. Moving forward, we remain committed to championing affordability, accessibility,  sustainability and equality in all aspects of menstrual health. We believe everyone deserves access to products that are better for their bodies and the planet, and we will continue to do our part in making that a reality.

We donate 5% of our profits & physical products to various charities, including Bloody Good Period - an amazing charity fighting period poverty. Check out all the charities we support here.