International Transgender Day of Visibility

International Transgender Day of Visibility

Today marks a very special occasion - International Transgender Day of Visibility! 

At Here We Flo we stand for Trans rights and stand with the Trans community. This International Transgender Day of Visibility is a time to celebrate the community, educate ourselves and support the organisations that are working to create safe spaces. 

Gender identity stands as a complex and diverse spectrum, transcending binary classifications. Some of us may identify as male, female, both, neither, or beyond, with each identity deserving of complete validation and respect. It's all about what feels right for you, and everyone's journey is unique and valid.

Despite strides towards greater inclusivity, the transgender community continues to encounter discrimination, stigma, and systemic barriers, which hinder their access to fundamental rights and opportunities. These challenges truly show us the importance of creating a supportive environment rooted in love and understanding.

Here at Here We Flo, we’re proudly partnered with AKT, a fantastic charity that supports young LGBTQIA+ people, including those who are transgender. 1 in 4 trans people have experienced homelessness (Stonewall). A portion of our profits goes towards helping them access housing, support, and opportunities to thrive. Because everyone deserves to feel safe, loved, and respected.

“Today marks a crucial moment to celebrate both the joy and the lives of transgender individuals. It's an occasion of particular significance given the increasing challenges faced by the trans community, especially among our youth. Shockingly, statistics reveal that 53% of young transgender individuals have encountered hate crimes or incidents stemming from their gender identity in the past year alone (Stonewall). This alarming reality underscores the urgent need for education and awareness, not just today, but persistently, to safeguard the rights of transgender and non-binary youth. Let's commit to learning more and spreading understanding to ensure that every trans and non-binary person is able to experience and long and full life." - Cliterally The Best

So, how can you show your support today and onwards? Here are a couple of ways you can:

Educate yourself: Take time to reflect on the struggles still faced by the trans & non-binary community. Educate yourself on the correct terminology, using resources such as our LGBTQIA+ Glossary

Amplify Trans & Non-Binary Voices: Share stories, art, and activism led by trans & non-binary people. Boosting these voices creates a fair and inclusive dialogue in every space. 

Be an Ally: Speak up against transphobia and discrimination, advocate for trans & non-binary rights, and create inclusive spaces wherever you go.

Donate & Volunteer: Support organizations like AKT, Stonewall, Mermaids and so many more, who are doing amazing work for the trans & non-binary community. Together, we can make a real difference for trans rights.

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Let's celebrate trans & non-binary visibility today and every day. Share this blog, spread the love, and keep fighting for a world where everyone can live their truth, loud and proud.