Your Spring Checklist

Your Spring Checklist

It feels like winter is finally over?! Okay, yes, we’re still wearing our puffer jackets out, but pairing our puffer with a pair of sunnies means spring has officially sprung. 

As the days get longer, spring is the perfect time to refresh, reset and give your self-care routine a little TLC.

At Here We Flo, we’re here to empower you to be the best version of yourself, year-round, so we’ve put together a spring checklist to get you started with the new season.

1. Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

Clear out unnecessary clutter, donate items you no longer need and create a serene and chill living space for a fresh start.

    2. Practice peace

    Dedicate time each day to meditation or gratitude journaling, cultivating inner peace and gratitude for a balanced mindset.

    3. Craft a new period care routine

    Consider reusable options such as our Period Pants for a sustainable choice, or sign up for our Subscribe + Save service so you’re always ready for that time of the month. Plus, if you’re someone who loves having a fully stocked shelf ahead of time, we’ve also got you covered with our period pads Megapacks!

      4. Get off ya phone

      Switch up screen time for me time and relaxation, disconnect from technology to reconnect with nature and your besties. Top points for taking a walk to your local big Tesco and finding FLO.

        5. Kick *ss with confidence

        If you’re kick-starting being more active this spring and don’t want your period or bladder spoiling the fun, try our Eco-Applicator Tampons and Light Incontinence Bamboo Liners for stress (and mess) free exercise.

        6. Glow like a Goddess

        We love transitioning to lighter, hydrating skincare for spring, and don't forget to apply sun cream daily to protect your skin - it’s recommended that you do this year-round but if you don’t already, this is your sign!

          7. Be a sustainable babe

          Take steps towards reducing your environmental impact by adopting more sustainable living practices, such as reducing single-use plastics, conserving water and energy, and supporting eco-conscious brands like ours.

          If you didn’t know already, March is BCorp month! We’re so proud to be able to do our bit as a BCorp brand, here’s a little more info.

            8. Get stocked up on rubbers

            Embrace the love in the air and warmer weather with worry-free romance. Stay prepared for spontaneous and sexy moments with a stocked supply of XO! condoms for protection.

              9. Self-care essentials

              Treat yourself to soothing period cramp remedies, such as the Myoovi Period Pain Relief Device - game changer. We also recommend embracing the power of Mother Nature in spring with outdoor activities such as walks, picnics, or simply basking in the sunshine for a vitamin D mood boost.

                10. Revamp ya kit

                Have a little second-hand shopping spree to refresh your wardrobe for the season, clear out clothes you no longer wear and either donate them to a local charity shop or pop them on Vinted or Depop.


                We hope you have the best spring, and whatever you’re doing this season, make sure you’re thriving, babe!