FLO 'All Nighter' Pads Mini Megapack

A handy pack of 44 organic bamboo 'night' pads. With biodegradable wrappers and fantastic absorbency, even while being thin and comfy. They are totally vegan and are as soft as a cloud.


Save 27p per Pad!*


At Here We Flo, we only use planet-friendly materials in our period carebladder caresexual wellness - so our messiest moments don’t make a mess of our planet. We also donate 5% of our profits to people + planet - read more here.


*vs standard subscription pack size.


£10.00 / pack

Cancel/edit anytime. No fees. ⓘ
You just tell us how often you want them, and we'll send the postie round to pop them in your slot!

They will always be delivered on time and if you ever need to cancel or swap some bits around you can at any time via your account. No fees and no b.s!

5% of your purchase is donated to Menstrual & LGBTQ+ charities

Free delivery on all orders.

FLO 'All Nighter' Pads Mini Megapack
FLO 'All Nighter' Pads Mini Megapack
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As soft as a ☁️

All of our bamboo period pads are made from 100% sustainable and natural OEKO-Tex bamboo (that's the really really sustainable kind).

Now, because they are bamboo, you might think that sounds a bit 'scratchy'. But trust us when we say that these pads feel like you're walking around with a ☁️ in your pants.

What is OEKO-Tex Bamboo?
OEKO-Tex Bamboo means that the fabrics are organic and have been tested by independent labs to make sure that they are free from harmful substances - no nasties here!

This means our 100% organic bamboo pads are PH-respecting, never overdrying + Zero irritating.

Our OEKO-Tex bamboo is also edge-grown meaning it doesn’t replace food crops!
Our FLO period pads and liners are wrapped in 100% plant-based & compostable wrappers.

Our outer packaging is made from recyclable FSC cardboard and vegan ink.

Did you know? A conventional pack of pads can contain 5 plastic bags worth of plastic!

Read more about our ingredients here.
Size & Absorbency
The 'Slay-All-Day' Pad
(240mm) 14-pack of bamboo pads for light to medium flow days - with a compostable wrapper!

The 'All-Nighter' Pad
(280mm) 14-pack of bamboo pads for heavier flow days - with compostable a wrapper!

The ‘Ultra-Long’ Pad
(305mm) 24-pack of bamboo pads for heavier flow days - with compostable a wrapper!

The Panty Liner
(150mm) 14-pack of bamboo panty liners, ultra-thin and individually-wrapped. Fab for daily protection or lite flow days 💅
Carbon Footprint
Our impact on mama nature is at the forefront of everything we do at Here We Flo. Read more here
Delivery & Subscriptions
All of our products come in letterbox friendly, recyclable packaging - No more dash-in-your-pants to answer the door or ‘sorry we missed you’ slips.

Delivery is FREE + typically takes 2-3 days. Please contact our customer love team on hiya@hereweflo.co if your order hasn't arrived in 5 days.

Save 16% on every period with our subscriptions!

All packed or 1 pack too many? No problem: Adjust, skip or cancel anytime.
100% vegan and cruelty free
5% of profits goes to charity
100% recyclable packaging
Carbon Conscious

Be Different.

They say you can accept the status quo, or you can change it. We decided on the latter!


  • ✓ Sustainable
  • ✓ Biodegradable
  • ✓ No nasty chemicals
  • ✓ No Petroleum Plastics
  • ✓ Organic
  • ✓ Comfy + cute AF
  • ✓ Donates 5% of profits

Not us

  • ✗ Polluting
  • ✗ SO much Plastic
  • ✗ Full of nasty Chemicals
  • ✗ Carbon intensive
  • ✗ Bad for the Planet
  • ✗ Bad for your body
  • ✗ Scratchy

Every pack gives a lil' something back

At Here We Flo we donate product each month to those in need + 5% of our profits go to people + planet...but that's not all!

We have teamed up with Beam to give you the power to donate 1% with every Here We Flo Order!

At checkout you are now able to choose from the the kick-ass charities below fighting for change!

Learn More

hwf charity logos 5% profit

Umm... I have a question?

If you can't find your answer here, please email hiya@hereweflo.co and our customer love team will have the answer you need.

Which products do you recommend if I've never tried them before?
One of our beliefs at Here We Flo is that every single person is different and the products they will need will also be different based on their flows, their bodies and their personal preferences.

We literally like to give life to the saying 'to each their own'. That being said, and working under the assumption that nobody knows you like you do, if you still need a little help deciding what you need, here's a peek into our top sellers: the bamboo 'combo' pad pack, the eco-applicator 'combo' pack & the bamboo liners. Hopefully one of those will be up your valley! 👀
How do I dispose of my FLO Period Pads?
FLO period pads are 99% biodegradable, however, due to the existing debates about compostability in the period care industry, we recommend you dispose of them in the general waste bin, where they will biodegrade naturally in a few years. That's much less than conventional pads, whose biodegradation takes over 100 years!

FLO period pad wrappers are 100% compostable, and the backing paper is also compostable and biodegradable.
How do I dispose of my FLO panty liners?
Our FLO sustainable panty liners are made of 100% organic bamboo and are 100% plastic-free and compostable (including their wrappers!).

However, there are still no official compostability guidelines for menstrual products, as experts themselves are conflicted due to the 'medical waste' nature of used period care products. So we recommend you dispose of them in the general waste bin, and they will naturally biodegrade in landfill in a few years. How wonderful is that?

In contrast, the existing corporate alternatives take hundreds of years to biodegrade.👎
How does the subscription work?
In order to give you one less hassle each month (periods and bladder leaks are hassle enough, we know), we now offer our FLO-matic subscription service and our customers couldn't be happier!

We know that everyone's body is different, so our subscription is designed to help you choose the best option for your FLO. 💖

Just select the products you need, choose how frequently you’d like them delivered and voilà! Simply add your billing and shipping address and you’re all set! Shipping is free on all orders and, by subscribing, you also save up 15% on every product you buy, every month!

We do everything to make you smile on those days when your period is a pain in the uterus (yes, cramps, you heard us!) Plus, you can cancel at anytime if you're not happy with your subscription or if anything changes with your flow. As a little reminder, make sure to set up a customer account with us (you can easily do this on our website once your subscription has been confirmed).

This will make it easier for you to manage your account & make any edits once you've hopped on the FLO-wagon!

If you run into any problems, email us with your question at hiya@hereweflo.co.
I have really heavy periods / need extra protection. What do you recommend?
We've got you SO covered!🙌 Did you know that our glo range, even if technically designed for bladder leaks, work perfectly for heavier flows?

Well, now you know! Our brilliant glo bamboo 'regular' and 'long' sensitive bladder pads are very well-suited to the heavy-duty period stuff 🏋️‍♂️.

Featuring 3D-leak barriers, a charcoal core and high absorbency bamboo, they’ll offer you all the comfort and the protection you need!
Are your wrappers plastic? They look like it.

They might have that same look and feel of plastic wrappers but ours are made from nature-flex (cornstarch) our 100% plastic-free + compostable!
Are they really sustainable?
Hell yes.

Our FLO and glo pads and liners are wrapped in 100% plant-based, plastic-free & compostable wrappers.

Did you know? A conventional pack of pads can contain 5 plastic bags worth of plastic!
Is God a Woman?
We'll let you answer that yourselves, but if there is a god, then she probably is...


Our community is bloody brilliant. If you’re into period puns & all the tea, come find us at @hereweflo