The benefits of bamboo period pads

The benefits of Bamboo period pants

We’ve chatted tampons so now let’s dedicate a little something to period pads. 

You may be wondering what’s the difference between conventional pads and bamboo pads.

Short answer? Bamboo pads are wayyy better for your 😻 and the 🌍. Long answer? Read on to find out!

Your run-of-the-mill conventional pads are packed with all sorts of nasty chemicals, synthetic materials, and fragrances, basically a recipe for a pH balance disaster in your 😻. Plus, we’ve heard that non-bamboo period pads are estimated to be made up of 90% plastic and a pack is equivalent to 4 plastic bags* - major ick. 

But dw, FLO Bamboo Period Pads are here to save your vagina.👏 These babes are plant-based, free of all the pH-imbalancing chemicals and wrapped up in biodegradable plant-starch wrappers. They’re saving the planet and soft as a cloud on your downstairs, dreamy right?

Here are even more benefits of bamboo periods:

Like a ☁️ in your pants

Traditional non-FLO bamboo period pads are made from polyester (plastic), synthetic materials like rayon and toxic pesticides from conventional cotton A.K.A a scratchy, pH-imbalanced mess down there. Our FLO Bamboo Period Pads, however, are made from 100% sustainable and natural OEKO-Tex bamboo (that’s the really sustainable kind) which trust us, feels like you’re walking around with a ☁️ in your pants.

Plant-based, powerful protection 🌿

FLO Bamboo Period Pads are wrapped in 100% plant-based & compostable wrappers, they may look plastic but we promise they’re actually compostable. With wrappers made from cornstarch and pads made from bamboo, FLO period pads are one of the most sustainable single-use period products on the market - humble brag, we know. Our outer packing is also made from FSC cardboard and vegan ink, so let’s just say it's a huuuge difference from the conventional period pad packs that are equivalent to 4 plastic bags. You can deep-dive on our ingredients here

Supporting communities in need

By choosing bamboo pads like ours you’re not just making a smart choice for you, but you're also supporting amazing companies such as ClimatePartner. Our partnership with ClimatePartner has allowed us to support clean drinking water in India, improve cookstoves in Rwanda and offset nearly 2 million kg of CO2. And if you didn’t know already, 5% of Here We Flo’s profits go to people + planet! Imagine being able to say that your period does this much good - big slay.

Peace of mind

When it comes to your time of the month, a lil peace of mind is priceless. And tbh, we’d rather be thinking about what choccy to get from Tesco, than worrying about the harmful chemicals and the amount of plastic waste our periods are contributing to. 

So, what you waiting for? Swap to bamboo period pads for your next flow, because when it comes to your 😻 and the planet, its a no-brainer.

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