Sex just got better.

Sex just got better.

Say hello to our Righteous Rubber, vegan, CO2-neutral condoms.

au naturel
Sustainably-sourced natural latex from rubber trees.
Giving you all the feels
Ultra-thin or ribbed & dotted for amaaazing sensation.
Carbon Neutral
Made with love + solar power. Certified Climate Neutral.
Vegan + Cruelty-Free
Zero animal testing or animal products. No bits on your bits!

get naked.

the kind of 'barenaked' feeling you, your partner + the planet deserve 🌍

Natural rubber Latex. <p> Keep it in your plants 🍆</p>

Natural rubber Latex.

Keep it in your plants 🍆

Our Righteous Rubber is sustainably harvested from rubber trees through the Regenerative Rubber Initiative, a cooperative of small agroforesters.

Carbon neutral + made with Solar Energy ☀️

Carbon neutral + made with Solar Energy ☀️

XO! condoms are produced in a solar-powered factory and are certified Climate Neutral - from cradle to customer - by ClimatePartner.

any way you want it, <p> that's the way we got it 🎶 <br></p>

any way you want it,

that's the way we got it 🎶

2 condom styles. Ultra-thin for the natural feel (54mm), or Ribbed & Dotted for extra sensation (56mm). Your one-way ticket to Pleasureland!

Every Pack Gives Back!

5% of our profits go to people + planet. Every XO! pack has a scannable QR code that shows you what U.N. Sustainable Developement Goals project your purchase is supporting.

You Complete We

Our favourite part of this whole SHEbang is our community. If you’re into period puns & all the tea, come find us at — @hereweflo

@hereweflo on Instagram
@hereweflo on Instagram
@hereweflo on Instagram
@hereweflo on Instagram

So if you’re a person that really wants to be as eco-friendly with period products, but just can’t deal with period cups like me... Gurrrrrl your life is about to change!


You have the best product out there! Tried the tampons, pads and liners and I still don’t get why you aren’t in every supermarket etc 💕


Great product - (pads) extremely comfortable and sustainable! You don’t have to compromise, and I love the companies commitment to both the planet and those in need. I definitely won’t be going back to the bigger brands


I absolutely love your products, I’ve been using them for a while now & I’ll never use anything else


I saw these on Ocado but liked the idea of subscribing each month without having to think about it. I was originally attracted because of the plastic free and charitable aspects, but the pads work great (and having day and night in one pack is 'bloody' genius!)


I've been buying your products for over 8 months now and I would never use another brand! 😍🌼 Your customer service is also outstanding! 😄