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Sex Education
x Flo

Messy is normal.


inspired by the funny, feminist + fierce characters of the world sensation = sex education, we've teamed up with netflix to bring you an all-empowering collection!


Sustainably-sourced cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative™ + a triple-layer that absorbs up to 5 tampons' worth of menstrual flow. We keep it in your pants! 😌🩸


Cool hipster briefs in pink or black - to make you feel as comfortable & bad-ass as you should! Granny pants begone. 💃


for every body 🍑

Featuring dual-sizing to give you aaaaall the comfort you need, our sizes range from XS to XL

6 - 22 (UK) | 2 - 18 US | 34 - 48 EU

Our pads and liners got

a glow-up as well!

You can find the rest of our Limited Edition Netflix Sex Education Pads & Liners in stores! 🙌 Available in Boots, H&B, WHSmith, Ocado, and everywhere else you buy us from! 🛒

SEX EDUCATION ™/© Netflix. Used with permission.

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Our community is bloody brilliant. If you’re into period puns & all the tea, come find us at — @hereweflo

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@hereweflo on Instagram
@hereweflo on Instagram
@hereweflo on Instagram

So if you’re a person that really wants to be as eco-friendly with period products, but just can’t deal with period cups like me... Gurrrrrl your life is about to change!


You have the best product out there! Tried the tampons, pads and liners and I still don’t get why you aren’t in every supermarket etc 💕


Great product - (pads) extremely comfortable and sustainable! You don’t have to compromise, and I love the companies commitment to both the planet and those in need. I definitely won’t be going back to the bigger brands


I absolutely love your products, I’ve been using them for a while now & I’ll never use anything else


I saw these on Ocado but liked the idea of subscribing each month without having to think about it. I was originally attracted because of the plastic free and charitable aspects, but the pads work great (and having day and night in one pack is 'bloody' genius!)


I've been buying your products for over 8 months now and I would never use another brand! 😍🌼 Your customer service is also outstanding! 😄