Why do we use bamboo for our Period & Bladder Pads?

Why do we use bamboo for our Period & Bladder Pads?

At Here We Flo we’re all about making conscious choices, that’s why we only use OEKO-Tex certified bamboo for our period and bladder pads.

Now, when you hear “bamboo” you might think “oof, that sounds a bit scratchy,” but trust us when we say that these bamboo pads feel like a ☁️ in your pants! Bamboo isn’t just super comfy and soft on sensitive skin, it’s also super absorbent. Bamboo absorbs 40% more liquid than cotton, making it perfect for anyone with a heavy flow or bladder leakage.

“But what about the environment?” we hear you ask...

Super Speedy Growth!

Bamboo is like the Usain Bolt of plants. It's one of the fastest-growing crops on the planet, shooting up at a crazy rate of up to 1.2 metres per day. That means we can keep up with the demand sustainably, unlike plastic made from fossil fuels like petroleum which takes millions of years to form, or trees that need decades to regrow. Bamboo is all about speed and sustainability!

At FLO, we only use edge-grown bamboo for our pads, meaning the bamboo doesn’t replace food crops on plantations!

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Bye-Bye Pests and Harsh Chemicals!

Say goodbye to creepy crawlies and harsh chemicals. Bamboo has its own defence system against pests and microbes, so toxic pesticides or herbicides can take the backseat. It's a win-win situation - our pads avoid pesticide residues, and we respect insects and other plant life, preserving biodiversity like a boss!

Water-Saving Wonder!

Bamboo is a real water-saving hero. It needs very little water to grow, meaning bamboo forests don't need any irrigation. This helps save water and ditch those energy-guzzling sprinklers. 

Slaying the Carbon Game!

Ready for some mind-blowing stats? Brace yourself. Bamboo is a CO2 sponge, soaking up a whopping 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year. It's like the superhero of greenhouse gas removal, fighting global warming faster than other crops and trees. And that's not all—bamboo also pumps out 35% more oxygen than trees of the same size. Talk about a breath of fresh air!

Soil-Saving Superpowers!

Bamboo roots are the unsung heroes of soil health. When we harvest bamboo, it regrows, protecting all those tiny organisms and insects that keep our soil super healthy. It's a win for biodiversity, and guess what? Bamboo's roots stay strong and undisturbed during the process, keeping the soil intact and avoiding erosion and landslides. We've got Mother Nature's back!

Sustainable Sourcing, FTW!

Now, let's talk about responsible sourcing. We know that most bamboo comes all the way from China but we work closely with our manufacturers to make sure our bamboo is sourced from "regenerative rainforests." These forests grow bamboo slowly and naturally in biodiverse habitats. And hey, we keep the processing to a minimum—no nasty dyes or chemicals. Plus, we offset all the carbon emissions from shipping!

Why Don’t You Use Bamboo for FLO Tampons?

As tampons are used internally and are a medical device in many countries, we’ve gone with the tried and tested organic cotton as the material for our tampons. (Even ancient Egyptians used cotton internally for their periods!) We’re also considering alternative materials like hemp as an even more sustainable option. Some people notice that organic cotton tampons aren’t as absorbent as their plastic or non-organic counterparts; this is because they don’t contain artificial chemicals used to increase absorbency or ultra-absorbent synthetic non-biodegradable fibres. Our FLO tampons still work a treat though, don’t worry!

Like our good friend bamboo, cultivating organic cotton does not use any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides aside from the ones allowed by the certified organic labelling. Cotton covers 2.5% of the world's cultivated land but uses 10-16% of the world's pesticides (including herbicides, insecticides, and defoliants), more than any other single major crop, so going organic is really important! It keeps natural organisms in the environment safe and maintains local biodiversity. Fewer treatments during the plant’s growth cycle also reduces carbon emissions generated in the farming process - how neat!

So, there you have it! Bamboo is the real deal when it comes to period and bladder pads. It's fast-growing, pest-resistant, water-saving, carbon-busting, soil-loving, and sustainably sourced. We're proud to offer you eco-friendly period, bladder & sexual wellness products that make a positive impact. Join us in the plant-based revolution and help save the planet, one pad at a time - shop below!