What is the difference between sensitive bladder pads and incontinence pads?

What is the difference between sensitive bladder pads and incontinence pads?

Period pads, bladder pads, incontinence pads – when it comes to choosing the right pad it can get pretty confusing, pretty quick. Who wants to waste time trying to decide which product is the right product for them? Not us, and especially not on the days when everything is a bit more annoying than usual (yes, bladder leaks, we're giving you the stare!). 

That’s why we’re leaking all the details on exactly what makes our Glo sensitive bladder pads different to full incontinence pads – so you can live your best life, hassle free. 

What are Glo sensitive bladder pads?

If you’re searching for bladder leak protection, we created our Glo sensitive bladder pads to help you out. From light incontinence to medium incontinence support, we've got you covered. 

Our highest bladder leak protection is the Glo Bamboo 'Long' Pad, absorbing up to 200ml of urine & our Glo Bamboo 'Regular' Bladder Pad is great for lighter incontinence, absorbing up to 150ml of urine. Both of our sensitive bladder pads feature our 3D leak barrier for extra protection + a charcoal odour-neutralising strip! 

The design of our Glo bladder pads means they’re also a great option for people who experience heavier periods or have given birth recently. 

All our sensitive bladder pads and sensitive bladder liners are made from 100% sustainable and natural eco-tex bamboo. Our Glo products also feature a charcoal core for natural odour neutralisation. We steer clear of irritating fragrances for itch-free bladder leak protection!

What are the benefits of using GLO bamboo bladder pads?

Environmental benefits

Did you know conventional incontinence pads are made with layers of synthetic materials (aka plastics and resins) that can take over 100 years to biodegrade? 

Our Glo bladder pads are made from organic bamboo and will naturally biodegrade in a few years (in a compost environment). The Glo range is wrapped in 100% plant-based, plastic-free & compostable wrappers whilst the outer packaging is made from recyclable FSC cardboard and vegan ink.

Health benefits

The layers of synthetics means conventional incontinence pads are designed to pull moisture away from the skin, whilst the chemical gels and fragrances can cause irritation. 

All our Glo products are made from 100% organic OEKO-Tex bamboo that’s been tested by independent labs to make sure products are free from harmful substances. No nasties here, just a soft fluffy cloud cradling you at all times!

Social benefits

You may have already guessed it, but the general consensus in society is that bladder weakness is embarrassing and taboo. 

At Here We Flo, we’re so ready to move on from this era of boring bodily taboos. That’s why we named our bladder care range Glo – because you shouldn’t feel ashamed for having a weak bladder, but rather be empowered to speak about it and seek the medical help you need. 

Who are Glo sensitive bladder pads for?

Did you know accidental urine leaks affect 7 million (1 in 3) people in the UK? That’s right, bladder leaks are more common than you think and affect more people than you can imagine. 

For anyone who experiences light to medium bladder leaks, whether you’re a new mum, going through menopause or just have a bit of a weak pelvic floor, we’ve got you protected whilst you visit your GP for treatment.

As a small brand, we do our best to create products that fit as many bodies, flows and needs as possible. But for heavier incontinence needs - bladder leaks of 300ml every 4 hours - we recommend going for ‘full incontinence pads’ instead. 

Shamelessly natural all the way!

Whether it’s from childbirth, recurring UTIs or a weak pelvic floor, it’s important to remember that bladder leaks are not something we should be embarrassed about. Seeking medical help can make a life-changing difference – in the meantime, we’re here for you with our amazingly comfy and absorbent sensitive bladder pads, for the most delicate skin. Check out our Glo organic bladder pads subscription service, for simple, comfortable dryness that’s good for you and for the planet too.