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Give your period an eco-upgrade. Sustainable + reusable period pants for every body.

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Your Period Just got a whole lot easier

Designed to replace disposable period products, our eco-friendly period pants lock your FLO in and keep it in your pants! (literally)

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Be The Change

you want to see in the world


  • ✓ Sustainable
  • ✓ Biodegradable
  • ✓ No nasty chemicals
  • ✓ No plastics
  • ✓ Organic
  • ✓ Comfy + cute AF
  • ✓ Donates 5% of profits
  • ✓ Women-of-colour owned


  • ✗ Polluting
  • ✗ Plastic
  • ✗ Full of Chemicals
  • ✗ Carbon Intensive
  • ✗ Bad for the Planet
  • ✗ Bad for your body
  • ✗ Scratchy
“Such a fantastic product! I wanted to reduce the amount of plastic I use so I decided to look into other alternate period products. The pants are super comfy, they have a cute lace waist band.

No leaks, didn’t have that ‘wet’ feeling you would think you’d get. I can honestly say I’ll be making another purchase soon.”
Amazon User
“I have lots of period pants from lots of different brands and I do generally like them. Some are more comfortable than others and these are perfect. They’re quite generously cut and ride up to about an inch under my belly button. I love the colourful band.

There’s no digging in at all and they are very comfortable around my tummy. The fabric is nice and doesn’t feel like period pants”
“As a big fan of the Netflix show Sex education and a current user of period pants, I was so excited to be able to try these.

These pants are a good fit and don’t look like menstrual panties. The fabric is soft and stretchy. They are very comfortable and the fabric doesn’t feel too thick or overly padded. There is an absorbent panel running front to back through the middle. It’s not at all bulky and feels very comfortable.”
Miss S
“I love the material , it's soft but stretchy and breathable . The waistband is multi coloured . On the bottom side of these knickers there is a picture of a first with the middle finger raised and the word fierce !
I wish there had been underwear like this when I was younger , I would have happily worn it , these are for my daughter who likes to wear period pants .”

The Magical Gusset! 🪄

Our period knickers are designed to be worn like normal underwear. The difference is in our magical gusset 🪄!

The gusset is made of three protecting layers: a wicking layer, an absorbent layer and a bottom BCI cotton layer. These ensure you stay leak-free and comfortable during your period - cool, right? 🤩

BCI Cotton

Our period proof underwear is made from Sustainably-sourced cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative™, helping cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting + restoring the environment.

"Isn't washing them a faff?"

Washing your eco period pants can seem like it would be a task, but it's easy as pie! 🥧

The best way to care for your period pants is to first rinse them in cold water in the sink.

After that, you can either handwash with detergent (this will make them last longer) or wash them in the washing machine in a gentle, cold wash (30°).

They can be washed with your other clothes, so no need to put on a seperate wash! Do not tumble dry or use fabric softener🙅‍♀️!

For every flo 🩸

Our reusable period pants are PETA approved, Vegan + hold up to 5 tampons' worth of menstrual flow.

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If you can't find your answer here, please email and our customer love team will have the answer you need.

How often do you change period pants?
We found that most people use one pair during the day and one during the night, but it all depends on your menstrual FLO! 🩸

If you get through more than 5 tampons a day, we recommend doubling up and using your pants plus an organic tampon/pad!
Will I just be sitting in my period blood with period pants?
Before many people try period pants they wonder this but thanks to the magical gusset 🪄 your blood is pulled into the absorbent layer keeping you comfortable and dry!
Can you use period pants with heavy periods?
If you have a heavy flow we recommend doubling up on products (especially overnight 🌙), e.g tampon & period pants and seeing how you get on
What happens to blood clots when wearing period pants?
If you have the odd blood clot during your heavier days (if this is often please see a doctor 👩‍⚕️) these cannot be wicked up by the top layer of the period pants. Simply wipe this with a tissue and carry on your day.
How did the Netflix Sex Education collaboration happen?
It all started because Netflix’s HQ was offering FLO period products in their office team & staff bathrooms!

Someone from their partnerships department recognised that both we and the Sex Education series had a knack for opening messy, fun & empowering conversations and reached out to us for the ☁️ collaboration of dreams☁️.

Almost 2 years later and we’re finally in stores worldwide! 🙌
Will you be releasing a range without Netflix branding?
Keep your eyes peeled... 👀
Should I use applicator or non-applicator tampons?
Applicator tampons are very popular in the UK and US, less so everywhere else in Europe. So you might be prompted to use one or the other (or none at all!) based on your background.

Objectively speaking, the applicator tampons (albeit 95% plant-based & recyclable) still bring waste into the world. If it’s not rinsed and properly recycled, it’ll end up in landfill and contribute to unnecessary pollution.

However, we’re not here to shame you for your choices – applicators are very helpful in securing the tampon inside your vagina, which is especially useful if you've never tried tampons before. So whether you choose to go with or without, we’re here for you!💕

FLO eco-friendly non-applicator tampons are 100% compostable – from tampon to wrapper, which means they’re the most sustainable / least wasteful single-use period product on the market.

If sustainability is very important to you but you can’t deal with a menstrual cup, then this is the one for you.
What’s the difference between FLO subscription and retail products?
The only difference between our retail products and our subscription products is the packaging: you’ll only find our sweets-inspired packs and ice-cream tubs in stores🍦.

Our femcare subscription range comes in our adorable pink letterbox-friendly cardboard packs, but the contents are exactly the same!

This is for logistical as well as sustainability reasons, as we want to make sure we use as little packing and shipping materials as we can and our carbon footprint remains at a minimum!

Oh, and single-absorbency packs are only available on our website for now.


5% of our profits go to people + planet, via charities who are fighting period poverty and FGM.

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You can also get your FLO-fix in-store with retailers accross the country! 💁🏾‍♀️

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