Menstruating as an NHS Nurse

Menstruating as an NHS Nurse

Sarah Dominguez from St Bartholomew’s Hospital has been on an amazing mission to tackle the stigma around menstruation and make period care easily available in her fast-paced workplace!

Sarah reached out to us, asking if we could help her put together some period boxes to hand-out to ward managers and we were super happy that we could help a fellow period power advocate!

These were a big hit and after the products were distributed Sarah sent out a survey! The survey was sent to ward nurses, healthcare support workers, doctors, cath lab and theatre staff, to find out more about their experiences of working in these areas whilst menstruating + the results are quite shocking...

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We 💜 you Sarah and we hope one-day period care will be readily available for all.

For more information on becoming a period-friendly employer please head to

You can also read the full NHS article here.