No More Period Dramas

You’ve discovered our award-winning, stigma-busting “No More Period Dramas” advert. Scroll for even more fun and puns.

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built by besties

Besties Tara and Susan were having a classic BFF bathroom chat in the university loos.

Susan was daydreaming about starting the Feminist Mafia together - Tara wondered why she couldn’t find organic tampons anywhere. Loads of research, a Masters dissertation and heaps of period-pun business names later, FLO was born!

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How did a little brand like us bag a huge ad like this?

In Sept 2021, our team entered the Sky Zero Footprint Fund, a competition that supports brands committed to a more sustainable future by helping to amplify their positive environmental messages.....

and you guessed it, we WON the grand £1M award and the incredible opportunity to be on TV for millions of people to see!


you loved it!

On top of our ad becoming one of the ‘Best TV Ads Of 2022’ (alongside brands like Mcdonald's & Netflix) - you loved it, the opinion we care about the most

“I've just seen your television advert and thought it was fantastic. What a funny and great commercial. So accurate, but done in such an amusing way. Hard to forget. My girlfriends and I laughed a lot. You have a brilliant Advertising Agency. Well done! I will remember you at the pharmacy!!!”
“Fantastic ad, thought at first I was watching a preview of a new period drama. Whoever thought of advertising in this way, was genius. Love it and love the product too.”

But it's not for everyone...

Here are two of our favourite complaints from those of you who most likely don't have people who bleed in your life.

Sitting pretty on shelves

Love to shimmy down an aisle? You can get your FLO-fix at retailers across the country! 💁🏾‍♀️

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Period Care Straight thru your letterbox

Everything you need for a planet-friendly period.

Sustainable organic bamboo & cotton ☁️
Ridiculously comfortable. Seriously absorbent.


You Complete We.

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