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“Best Plant-based applicator tampons. They’d be a great choice for teens owing to the colourful branding and subscription box options”
“Besides being made from 100% organic biodegradable cotton, the plant-based applicator is fully recyclable, and every month the brand donates products to help fight period poverty.”
“A Feminine Visionary Brand”
“Kickass Femcare Brand... These gals are changing the world”
“Voted Best Eco-Friendly Sanitary Brand”
“Convenient, eco-conscious and with an unashamedly millennial-friendly design”
“Today FLO is one of the best-selling sustainable period care brands”
Beauty Matter
“The period brand taking on the mainstream giants”
Marketing Week


Here We Flo is officially a Certified B Corporation®, which means we’re officially bloody brilliant. But “what is a Certified B Corporation®?!” we hear you ask. Fear not, we got all the answers!

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Materials By Mama Nature

We only use planet-friendly materials in our period care, bladder care, sexual wellness - so our messiest moments don’t make a mess of our planet.

Better Cotton

Certified organic cotton means no toxic substances on your bits & higher labour standards. It’s also ridiculously soft. Naturally!

Our period pants are made with BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative) which is great for your body + the environment.

Plant-Based Wrappers + Applicators

We use biodegradable + compostable plant cellulose for our pad, liner and tampon wrappers, and sugarcane biopolymer for our applicators (95% plant-based) - NO plastic here. 🙅‍♀️

Oeko-Tex Bamboo

Our bamboo is organic & edge-grown meaning it doesn’t replace food crops & certified by Oeko-Tex (it's tested for nasty chemical residues).

+ All of our outer packaging is made of FCS-certified recyclable cardboard and we’re vegan & cruelty-FREE!

Earth Changing Sex

Our Righteous Rubber Condoms are Climate neutral, meaning you can give back while getting some. 🍑

You can check out the latest projects we support via Climate Partner here or by scanning the barcode on the back of your XO! pack.

Peace, love + agroforestry

We are founding members of the Regenerative Rubber Initiative, which means we use Fair Agroforestry Latex: we cooperate directly with smallholders who earn fair wages & practice biodiverse, sustainable farming of rubber trees.

Our natural rubber condoms (once opened), biodegrade in under a year, whereas most condoms on the market take hundreds of years! 🤯

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ecologi here we flo

still got questions?

We're glad, we LOVE an eco-conscious babe. It's important to question brands to make sure that green washing is no where to be seen! 👀

If you can't find your answer here, please email hiya@hereweflo.co and our customer love team will have the answer you need.

Are you sustainable when it comes to transporting your products?
We keep our manufacturing processes local to the regions where the ingredients are sourced from, so that our overall carbon emissions are kept at a minimum.

We also aim to ship our products via sea most of the time for the same reason AND we offset our company CO2 emissions through organisations like Climate Partner and Ecologi.
What are 'Sustainable Period Products'?
As opposed to the standard corporate period products (no ‘sanitary / hygiene products’ at Here We Flo, bye!), which are typically made of more than 90% non-recyclable plastic materials, we pride ourselves in offering alternatives that are both accessible + better for the planet!

We know not everyone will adapt to a menstrual cup or reusable alternative, so we're giving you a different option that's still better for us + the planet.

That's why we use either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable packaging for our products, and we use no nasties like harsh chemicals (buh-bye chlorine bleach🙅‍♀️), dyes, fragrances or allergens. Nothing but natural goodness here!🌱
Can I flush biodegradable tampons down the toilet?
Nooo. 🙅‍♀️

Please never flush any type of period care down the toilet regardless of biodegradability unless stated otherwise - It can wreak havoc on the water systems and wildlife. 🐠

We recommend you dispose of them in the general waste bin, and they will naturally biodegrade in landfill in a few years. How wonderful is that? In contrast, the existing corporate alternatives take 100+ years to biodegrade.👎
Is Here We Flo Bcorp certified?

We are Bcorp pending, which means we are working hard to gather all the information ready for review and aim to be Bcorp certified within the year.🤞

sustainability doesn't stop at our products...

As well as working becoming B Corp certified, we are a climate-positive workforce. Working to reduce the carbon our team emits through operations with Ecologi.

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