Hello, gorgeous! Fancy some brilliantly organic femcare?

We're FLO:

cheeky + conscious babes on a mission to create healthier, 
eco-friendlier products that are affordable, accessible and adorable.

Call us high-maintenance, but we believe that what we put in our bodies 
should be as natural as possible and not horrible for the planet.

We also prefer our products like our partners:
good-looking, straight-talking and reliable.

And if we can give back to our community at the same time?

What we're into:

- Natural, plant-based, biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials like organic cotton and organically-grown bamboo

- Comfort (silkiness, breathability!)

- Performance (no leaks, please!)

- Cheekiness (more sass, please!)

- Enthusiasm (we are a little bit extra!)

- Social justice: 5% of our profits go to charities like Orchid Project, who work to end female genital cutting (FGM).
We also donate menstrual products to fight period poverty in the UK through Red Box Project, who provide at schools for girls in need, and Bloody Good Period, who provide for asylum seekers and the homeless.

- Babe-Power (you're a total babe, and we believe in the power of you!)