What is a Certified B Corporation®

What is a Certified B Corporation®

Becoming a Certified B Corporation® is like scoring on a report card for how well your company is treating people and the planet. To become certified, a company has to meet high standards for social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. To achieve B Corp™ status is proof that you care about making the world a better place. Plus, you get a pretty sweet badge to put on your website (we’re blasting ours everywhere, btw).

What makes you a B Corp and how are you doing business differently?

We're basically the eco-version of Beyonce, flawless and fabulous! Our carbon-neutral products are so good, they helped us score a whopping 109.9 points. Our FLO organic cotton tampons are compostable, and our FLO & glo pads, liners, and XO! condoms are all biodegradable. But wait, there's more! Our XO! condoms are made in a factory that's powered by the sun. If you want to save the planet and feel like a superstar, we got you. Every material we use has contributed to our high B Corp™ score. We use bamboo because it's great at saving water, regenerative and organic materials for protecting land and wildlife, and a strict no-plastics-pesticides-or-synthetics policy for reducing environmental toxins.

What did you learn or what challenges did you overcome when using the B-corp Impact Assessment?

Using the B Corp™ Impact Assessment was like putting on our thinking cap and getting to the bottom of what makes Here We Flo truly good for the planet and for people. It's like solving a puzzle, but instead of being a boring old jigsaw, it's a puzzle for saving the world. You are rigorously assessed on things like Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers to achieve a minimum of 80 points.

Here We Flo aced the assessment and became certified B Corp™ with 109.9 points! Proving we’re not just a company that cares about periods (although we REALLY care about periods, obv) but a company that cares about making the world a better place.

Has Here We Flo set any goals or areas for improvement for the future? 

You bet your tampons we have. Here We Flo is always thinking about what's next and how we can be even better. We’ve set our sights on some serious goals, like improving our supply chain (by reducing carbon emissions even further), championing ethical practices and making sustainability even more accessible. We’re so proud to be a part of a UK community of businesses who have chosen not always to take the easy route, but absolutely the right one. 

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