Know Your Flo: What does the colour of my period mean?

Know Your Flo: What does the colour of my period mean?

What does the colour of my period blood mean?

Ever noticed how your period blood flow changes colours? Whilst period blood is known for being red in colour, it won’t stay the same all week – besides, where’s the fun in that?

At Here We Flo, we love seeing the colour of our flow change because it’s a great way to check in with how our bodies are doing. We’re all different and unique in our own ways, our period blood is no different, but knowing what’s normal for your period can keep you clued in on where your health is at. 

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Bright red period blood

Period blood is known for being bright red in colour and means a flow of fresh blood is passing out of your body quickly. This blood doesn't have enough time to oxidise and darken in colour which is why it looks bright red. 

You’ll find bright red period blood to be most common during the heaviest part of your period. 

Dark red or brown period blood

Dark red blood is also pretty common; this blood is not as fresh and has had more time to oxidise, making the blood darken in colour. You're most likely to notice dark red blood on your organic tampons or bamboo period pads at the end of your period as it’s stayed in your body for longer.

Another reason for dark red period blood is if you've recently given birth and are experiencing natural bleeding known as lochia - our glo sensitive bladder pads are also great for postpartum bleeding.

Dark red period blood spotting before a period can also be a sign of early pregnancy - not every pregnant person will experience this symptom, but some do.

Black period blood

At the end of your period, you might even start seeing black blood on your period pads. This can look and sound a little alarming but it’s all good, babes. Usually black period blood is just very old blood that’s taken its sweet time to pass out your body, oxidising until it looks a little like your morning coffee grounds in appearance. However, if you experience extreme pain, excessive clotting with this colour or black period blood isn’t your normal, we recommend checking this out with your GP as it can be a sign of miscarriage.

Pink period blood

If you’re seeing pink period blood, it can mean a lot of different things. 

  1. Some people experience pink blood at the start of their period and can mean the blood has mixed with cervical fluid, giving it that pink, diluted-blood, kind of look. 
  2. If it’s more watery in consistency, it may also be a sign of anaemia (lacking in iron) and if this happens for at least three of your periods, you should book in a chat with your GP. 
  3. Another reason for pink period blood is hormonal changes thanks to hormonal birth control methods like the pill or  IUS
  4. Pink blood can also be a sign of perimenopause - check out our blog for more info on menopause! 

Orange or grey period blood 

Orange blood might sound a little crazy but it’s just the rarest of colours so doesn’t get as much attention. If you notice your period blood is orange, check the consistency before you start panicking. If it’s normal, it’ll be slippery between your fingers. If you notice tackiness along with a bad smell and itching, it could be an infection or STD.

Grey period blood that looks more like discharge in consistency can also be a sign of infection, if also paired with irritation, pain and a bad smell. In these cases, you should definitely talk to your GP about possible causes and getting started on the necessary antibiotics to treat the condition.

Track your flow with organic period care

Knowing what colours and textures are normal for your period blood throughout your cycle is super important. Small differences don’t always suggest a health problem, but it’s a good idea to pay attention. Looking at your tampons and period pads when you go to the bathroom is an easy and simple way to keep track of the colour and consistency of your period blood, so why not check out our full range of organic period care products!