Choosing the Right Period Pad for Your Flow

Choosing the right period pad for your flow

Wings or no wings, light pads or heavy pads, day or night packs, the options for period pads are never-ending these days. But how do you know which type of pad is right for your flow? 

Well, we’ve got just the guide to help you, so grab a cuppa and let's get into it!

Know your flow 🩸

First things first, let's talk about your flow. Are you a heavy-flow babe or more of a light and breezy kinda person? Understanding your flow is essential in picking the right pad. If you find yourself changing your pad more frequently than you change your mind about what to binge on Netflix, you might need something more absorbent. If your flow is more low-key, opt for a lighter pad to keep things comfortable.

Top tips:

  • If you find yourself changing your pad every hour, you need to go for a bigger pad designed to absorb heavier flows 
  • Night Period Pads

  • If you find your pad isn’t saturated but it leaks at the front or back, you need a longer pad - a heaven-send for bedtime leaks! 
  • Ultra-long Pads

  • If you’re not seeing much going on in your pad everytime you use the loo, you could try swapping for a smaller pad designed for a lighter flow or even a panty liner
  • Day Pads

    Panty Liners

    You might need a different pad size/length at different times during your cycle, this is normal!

    Combo Pad Pack

    Pads to match your pants

    If you prefer lacy undies, then you should go for a pad with wings to keep it secure. You may also opt for a shorter pad to keep those bum cheeks unobstructed through the lace! Although we think a Flo pad looks cute peeping through...

    If you’re a briefs or panties wearer through and through, you can let your flow determine your pad, as these types of tight-fitting pants keep pads the most easily secure and close to your vulva.

    If you’re all about rocky granny pants (a.k.a. full briefs) during your time of the month, we recommend a longer pad to avoid leaks. This is because the fabric is quite loose-fitting in this knicker style and can cause a pad to move around a fair bit.

    Dreamy material ☁️

    Gone are the days of uncomfortable plastic-packed pads that feel like you're wearing a diaper. FLO period pads are made from 100% organic bamboo which means they’re breathable and sustainable. A.K.A they’re better for your skin, and they're better for the planet – double whammy. 

    Wings or no wings? 🪽

    Ah, the age-old debate – wings or no wings? While some of us swear by the added security of winged pads, others find them a bit fiddly. It all comes down to personal preference, so give both a try and see which floats your boat. At Flo we prefer wings to keep your pads in your pants!

    Trial and error

    Finding the perfect pad might take a bit of trial and error, and that's totes okay. Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles, and absorbencies until you find your period pad soulmate. And if you happen to have a leak here all there so be it, we’ve all been there bestie! 

    If you’re not sure where you’re at yet or how heavy your flow is, FLO’s 'Try Me, Love Me' Trial Pack is designed to give you a lil sample of every pad.

    So there you have it babe, everything you need to know about choosing the right period pad for your flow. Remember, your period is nothing to be ashamed of and FLO is always here for life’s messy moments.❣️

    Get started with FLO…

    Our Day Period Pads are on the shorter size and perfect for regular menstrual flow. 🩸

    Our Night Period Pads are a longer size to give you maximum protection throughout the night without any leaks. Great for heavy flows.🩸🩸

    Our Ultra-Long Pads give 30cm of maximum protection from front to back, preventing leaks and absorbing extra heavy flows. 🩸🩸 + 🩸

    Our Panty Liners are breathable and absorbent enough for daily protection or a light menstrual flow.

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