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Sustainable and seriously absorbent bamboo period pads & panty liners straight through your letterbox.

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Switch to a planet-friendly period with FLO

Our eco pads and liners are made from 100% organic, edge grown, sustainable bamboo and have plant-based, compostable wrappers - great for sensitive skin.

Save 15% on every period + adjust/skip your subscription anytime to match your flow!

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  • ✓ Sustainable
  • ✓ Biodegradable
  • ✓ No nasty chemicals
  • ✓ No plastics
  • ✓ Organic
  • ✓ Comfy + cute AF
  • ✓ Donates 5% of profits
  • ✓ Women-of-colour owned


  • ✗ Polluting
  • ✗ Plastic
  • ✗ Full of Chemicals
  • ✗ Carbon Intensive
  • ✗ Bad for the Planet
  • ✗ Bad for your body
  • ✗ Scratchy
“I had been wanting to try Flo for ages, what really attracted me to this brand was the fast that the tampons are biodegradable and plastic free. Which in this day and age is really important, as we try to help the environment.”
“I care about the environment but I still can't make the switch to the cup / reusable pads, so after trying out a few brands, this is the best I could find for my type of flow. Really comfy and easy to insert, even without applicators.”
“You have the best product out there! Tried the tampons, pads and liners and I still don’t get why you aren’t in every supermarket etc 💕”
Ellie B
“Had a subscription for a few months now and really love it. Use a few of their products and all have been great! Nice to know they are good for my body and the environment. Like the company ethics! Really flexible if you need to tweak your order too.”

Oeko-Tex Bamboo

Our sustainable period pads are made from certified OEKO-Tex bamboo (it's tested for nasty chemical residues).

No Leaks here - we're not the press!

Our eco-friendly sanitary pads come in a range of absorbencies to keep you leak free 24/7.

Plant-Based Wrappers

We use biodegradable + compostable plant cellulose for our period pads + liners - NO plastic here (unlike most brands 👀).

Sustainable period Pads
+ Liners

Save 15% with every order - just £4.99 p/m!

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If you can't find your answer here, please email and our customer love team will have the answer you need.

Which products to do you recommend if i've never tried them before?
One of our beliefs at Here We Flo is that every single person is different and the products they will need will also be different based on their flows, their bodies and their personal preferences.

We literally like to give life to the saying 'to each their own'. That being said, and working under the assumption that nobody knows you like you do, if you still need a little help deciding what you need, here's a peek into our top sellers: the bamboo 'combo' pad pack, the eco-applicator 'combo' pack & the bamboo liners. Hopefully one of those will be up your valley! 👀
How do I dispose of organic period pads + liners?
Add an answer..FLO period pads are 99% biodegradable, however, due to the existing debates about compostability in the period care industry, we recommend you dispose of them in the general waste bin, where they will biodegrade naturally in a few years. That's much less than conventional pads, whose biodegradation takes over 100 years!

FLO period pad wrappers are 100% compostable, and the backing paper is also compostable and biodegradable.
I have really heavy periods/ need extra protection. What do you recommend?
We've got you SO covered!🙌 Did you know that our glo range, even if technically designed for bladder leaks, work perfectly for heavier flows?

Well, now you know! Our brilliant glo bamboo 'regular' and 'long' sensitive bladder pads are very well-suited to the heavy-duty period stuff 🏋️‍♂️.

Featuring 3D-leak barriers, a charcoal core and high absorbency bamboo, they’ll offer you all the comfort and the protection you need!
Are your wrappers plastic? They look like it.

They might have that same look and feel of plastic wrappers but ours are made from nature-flex (cornstarch) our 100% plastic-free + compostable!
What is OEKO-tex Bamboo?
OEKO-Tex Bamboo means that the fabrics are organic and have been tested by independent labs to make sure that they are free from harmful substances - no nasties here!

This means our 100% organic bamboo pads are PH-respecting, never overdrying + Zero irritating.
How long is delivery?
All of our products come in letterbox friendly, recyclable packaging - No more dash-in-your-pants to answer the door or ‘sorry we missed you’ slips.

Delivery is FREE + typically takes 2-3 days. Please contact our customer love team on if your order hasn't arrived in 5 days.

All packed or 1 pack too many? No problem: Adjust, skip or cancel anytime.
Is God a Woman?
We'll let you answer that yourselves, but if there is a god, then she probably is...


5% of our profits go to people + planet, via charities who are fighting period poverty and FGM.

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You can also get your FLO-fix in-store with retailers accross the country! 💁🏾‍♀️

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