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Our organic applicator and non-applicator tampons are made from ridiculously soft organic cotton.
No Leaks here - we're not your tap!
Our eco-friendly tampons come in two absorbencies to keep you leak free.

Here we flo organic cotton tampons

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The 'Combo' Applicator Pack

8 regular + 6 super tampons


The 'Combo' Non-Applicator Pack

8 regular + 6 super tampons


The 'Lighter Days' Applicator Pack

16 regular tampons — for lighter days


The 'Superbabe' Applicator Pack

14 super tampons — for heavy days


The 'Superbabe' Non-Applicator Pack

16 super tampons — for heavy days


The 'Lighter Days' Non-Applicator Pack

16 regular tampons — for lighter days


Sustainable Tampons By Mama Nature

Our 100% organic cotton Tampons are PH-respecting & never overdrying.

Zero irritating, synthetic fibres, pesticide residues, bleach, dyes, fragrances and all that unnecessary nonsense.

You can also find us in...

Plant-Based Wrappers + Applicators

We use biodegradable + compostable plant cellulose for our organic tampon wrappers, and sugarcane biopolymer for our eco-friendly tampon applicators (95% plant-based) - NO plastic here. 🙅‍♀️

Organic Cotton

Certified organic cotton means no toxic substances & higher labour standards. Our eco-friendly tampons are also great for sensitive skin!

Absorbent AF

Our organic tampons come in a range of combo or single absorbencies to keep you leak free ALWAYS.

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So if you’re a person that really wants to be as eco-friendly with period products, but just can’t deal with period cups like me... Gurrrrrl your life is about to change!


I didn't expect to feel much of a difference from these bamboo pads but they are way more comfortable than other brands. I also LOVE the subscription service; this is the first time in my life I'm not scrambling to buy pads at the shop when my period starts.


I came across Flo purely by accident and to be honest, they’re the best accident I’ve ever had! The natural ingredients that make up Flo work to a tee, and it’s great that they don’t use anything that harms either the environment, or me. I dare you to try them cos you’ll never know how good they are til you do.


No faults at all! Best period and continence wear there is. They don't have that chemical smell and the performance is better then any other products I have tried. I love the fact they are vegan and cruelty free and better for the environment. I have no bad words to say.


Fantastic, eco friendly sanitary products. They really do the job well. The subscription service is great, once I got my quantities right I no longer need to worry about running out.


I love my Flo products. Plastic pads used to irritate my skin and cause me pain and itching as well as being a terrible waste in landfill. Knowing that my subscription helps good causes and the pads are biodegradable is amazing and they're so much more comfortable.


Learn how we keep it natural with our Eco-Friendly Period Care, Bladder Care & Sexual Wellness.

From Regenerative Rubber + Solar Power to our Carbon Neutral goals + Charity Partners doing great things for the people and planet.

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Every single pack gives back.

5% of our profits go to people + planet, via charities who are fighting period poverty and FGM.

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Every single pack gives back.