'Bless This Mess' Bundle

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Yes, we've made a bundle for 'fun' on your period.

Getting messy in the sheets has been a taboo we've wanted to bust for a while. Whether you love it or hate it, do it with someone or with yourself we're here to empower your sexy choices + help save those sheets!

Heads up - you can still get pregnant on your period which is why we have put our biodegradable, vegan condoms in this bundle of dreams!


SAVE 27% with the ultimate bundle for sex on your period - which contains the following products:


🩸 Bless This Mess Towel 🩸  

Embroidered & made from 100% Cotton - Perfectly pelvic proportioned for messy moments & clean-up in bed! 

✨  6-pack Ultra-thin XO! Condoms  ✨ 

Ultra-thin, lubricated, CO2-neutral, vegan and fair wage (aka “righteous”) rubber condoms. Width: 54mm.


✨ 6-pack Hi-Sensation XO! Condoms ✨ 

Hi-sensation, lubricated, CO2-neutral, vegan and fair wage (aka “righteous”) rubber condoms. Width: 56mm.


At Here We Flo, we only use planet-friendly materials in our period carebladder caresexual wellness - so our messiest moments don’t make a mess of our planet. We also donate 5% of our profits to people + planet - read more here.


Sizing: 30x50cm

'Bless This Mess' Bundle
'Bless This Mess' Bundle
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First of all, it's MORE than ok if the last thing you fancy when you're bleeding is sex or masturbation.

But, that doesn't mean we should yuck someone else's yum + thanks to our trusty friends, progesterone and estrogen, we can get the horn when we're on!

So what are the main benefits of periods sex?

Keep it in your plants.

Say hello to our Righteous Rubber, vegan, CO2-neutral condoms 🍆

The rubber is sustainably harvested from rubber trees through the Regenerative Rubber Initiative, a cooperative of small agroforesters.

What is Righteous Rubber?
We are founding members of the Regenerative Rubber Initiative, which means we use Fair Agroforestry Latex: we cooperate directly with smallholders who earn fair wages & practice biodiverse, sustainable farming of rubber trees.

Our natural rubber condoms (once opened), biodegrade in under a year, whereas most condoms on the market take hundreds of years! 🤯

Read more here.
Size Guide
XO! is available in 2 sustainable condom styles.

Ultra-thin for the natural feel (54mm), or Ribbed & Dotted for extra sensation (56mm).

Your one-way ticket to Pleasureland (please never reuse condoms)!
Are they safe?
Yes! Tested electronically for safety + CE and ISO Kitemarked just like regular condoms.🔨

Condoms in general are 98% effective in protection from STIs + Pregnancy when used correctly.
Carbon Footprint
XO! eco-friendly condoms are produced in a solar-powered factory and are certified Climate Neutral - from cradle to customer - by Climate Partner.
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All of our products come in letterbox friendly, recyclable packaging - No more dash-in-your-pants to answer the door or ‘sorry we missed you’ slips.

Delivery is FREE + typically takes 2-3 days. Please contact our customer love team on hiya@hereweflo.co if your order hasn't arrived in 5 days.
100% vegan and cruelty free
5% of profits goes to charity
100% recyclable packaging
Made in a carbon zero facility

Be Different.

They say you can accept the status quo, or you can change it. We decided on the latter!


  • ✓ Sustainable
  • ✓ Compostable
  • ✓ No Chemicals
  • ✓ Natural Rubber
  • ✓ Carbon Neutral
  • ✓ Made with Solar Power
  • ✓ Biodegradable
  • ✓ Gives to charity


  • ✗ Polluting
  • ✗ Aaaages to biodegrade
  • ✗ Plastic packaging
  • ✗ Full of Chemicals
  • ✗ Synthetic Rubber
  • ✗ Bad for the Planet


At Here We Flo we donate product each month to those in need + 5% of our profits go to people + planet...but that's not all!

We have teamed up with Beam to give you the power to donate 1% with every Here We Flo Order!

At checkout you are now able to choose from the the kick-ass charities below fighting for change!

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Umm... I have a question?

If you can't find your answer here, please email hiya@hereweflo.co and our customer love team will have the answer you need.

What is the difference between the Hi-Sensation condoms & the Ultra-Thin condoms?
Hi-Sensation Carbon-Neutral Condoms are ribbed and dotted and have a 56mm nominal width, whereas Ultra-Thin condoms are, simply, Ultra-Thin - with a nominal width of 53mm. It's gettin' hot in here...🔥
Are XO! condoms suitable for latex allergies?
Long story short - No.

XO! eco-friendly condoms are made of Natural Rubber Latex, so they can cause an allergic reaction, including anaphylactic shock.
How do I dispose of sustainable condoms?
XO! condoms are plant-based and biodegradable, however, due to the 'medical waste' nature of used condoms, we recommend you dispose of them in the general waste bin - they will naturally biodegrade in landfill in under a year.
How are XO! condoms sustainable?
At Here We Flo, we take sustainability (and sex!) very seriously - so we are founding members of the Regenerative Rubber Initiative. We work with farmers who cultivate their rubber trees in agroforestry systems and do lots of good for Mama Nature. 🌳

Regenerative Rubber means that, in addition to the rubber tree, farmers also plant other useful plants, contributing to greater biodiversity and ensuring higher CO2 binding. ☁️

Our XO! sustainable condoms are also CO2-neutral, plant-based and manufactured in a solar-powered factory.

Plus, every pack has a scannable QR code that shows you which Climate Partner projects each pack is supporting, as well as how many tonnes of CO2 have been offset through XO! manufacturing processes to date!
Are XO! Condoms Lubed up?
Yes! They are lightly lubricated with silicone oil.

They are also free from Lidocaine and benzocaine, Nitrosamines, Nonoxynol-9 + Spermicides.
Will you be making bigger condom sizes?
It's in the works...👀
Why do you use foil packaging?
We are aware foil packaging isn't as sustainable as we would like but currently there is no alternative that protects the condom from damage!

That being said, our team is constantly on the search for a more sustainable option! 🧪