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FLO Period Pants - Black

We teamed up with Netflix's global sensation - Sex Education - to bring you the most empowering celebration of self-love, self-expression and self-exploration! Our reusable pants are washable and hold up to 5 tampons' worth of menstrual flow, giving you all the comfort and support you need. 

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5% of your purchase is donated to charities

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Don't just take our word for it...

“Mine came today, I ordered 2 pairs first to make sure they fit and they’re super comfy! Just ordered 4 more 👏🏼”
“LOVE LOVE LOVE my new 2-4-1 period underwear. I’ve always been hesitant worrying about leakage, comfort and absorbency but these are perfect. Super soft and comfy, don’t slide down, no leaks or awkward VLP in leggings AND good for the environment too; no need for tampons/pads again!”
Amy Webb
“Where were these 20 years ago! These have utterly change my life - they are comfortable and that supporting for that time when you need that additional security! I’ll be buying these in black when available in my size! Don’t deliberate on these- they are worth all of your money! Saves so much money on pads and washing clothes!”
“Love them, my periods have always been pretty heavy and it's always made me feel anxious about potential accidents but while wearing these I haven't been so anxious about wearing light coloured clothes so i'm mega satisfied!”

Let it bleed.

Our pants feature a sustainably-sourced cotton from the Better Cotton™ + feature a triple-layer that absorbs up to 5 tampons' worth of menstrual flow🩸.

We keep it in your pants!

What is Better Cotton Initiative™?
The Better Cotton Initiative who help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment.

They are super comfortable and kind to sensitive skin - think of a hug in the form of period pants! 🤗

Our period pants are also a certified climate neutral product & PETA approved vegan + cruelty-free! 🐰🌎
What are the Period Pants made of?
Body: 90% BCI Cotton, 10% Lycra
Gusset lining: 100% Polyester
Gusset inner: 87% Polyester, 13% Polyamida
Lower Gusset: 100% Polyester with TPU Layer
How do Period Pants work?
Our period underwear is designed to be worn like normal underwear. The difference is our magical gusset 🪄!

The gusset is made of three protecting layers: a wicking layer, an absorbent layer and a bottom BCI cotton layer.

These ensure you stay leak-free and comfortable during your period - cool, right? 🤩
Featuring dual-sizing to give you aaaaall the comfort you need, our sizes range from XS to XL

6 - 22 (UK) | 2 - 18 US | 34 - 48 EU.

We are working hard to release a wider sizing range very soon!
Carbon Footprint
Our impact on mama nature is at the forefront of everything we do at Here We Flo. Read more here
How do I wash my Period Pants?
The best way to care for your period pants is to first rinse them in cold water in the sink.

After that, you can either hand wash with detergent (this will make them last longer) or wash them in the washing machine in a gentle, cold wash (30°).

They can be washed with your other clothes, so no need to put on a separate wash!

Do not tumble dry and if you can, skip the fabric softener🙅‍♀️!
100% vegan and cruelty free
5% of profits goes to charity
100% recyclable packaging
Made in a carbon zero facility

Be Different.

They say you can accept the status quo, or you can change it. We decided on the latter!


  • ✓ Sustainable
  • ✓ Compostable
  • ✓ Carbon Neutral
  • ✓ Organic Cotton
  • ✓ Cute AF
  • ✓ Gives to charity


  • ✗ Polluting
  • ✗ Plastic
  • ✗ Carbon Intensive
  • ✗ Bad for the Planet
  • ✗ Bad for your body
  • ✗ Scratchy

Every pack gives a lil' something back

We believe in the power of community. 5% of our profts go to people + planet, and every month we donate our sustainable period products to help fight period poverty.

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Umm... I have a question?

If you can't find your answer here, please email and our customer love team will have the answer you need.

How often do you change period pants?
We found that most people use one pair during the day and one during the night, but it all depends on your menstrual FLO! 🩸

If you get through more than 5 tampons a day, we recommend doubling up and using your pants plus an organic tampon/pad!
Will I just be sitting in my period blood with period pants?
Before many people try period pants they wonder this but thanks to the magical gusset 🪄 your blood is pulled into the absorbent layer keeping you comfortable and dry!
Can you use period pants with heavy periods?
If you have a heavy flow we recommend doubling up on products (especially overnight 🌙), e.g tampon & period pants and seeing how you get on
What happens to blood clots when wearing period pants?
If you have the odd blood clot during your heavier days (if this is often please see a doctor 👩‍⚕️) these cannot be wicked up by the top layer of the period pants. Simply wipe this with a tissue and carry on your day.
How did the Netflix Sex Education collaboration happen?
It all started because Netflix’s HQ was offering FLO period products in their office team & staff bathrooms!

Someone from their partnerships department recognised that both we and the Sex Education series had a knack for opening messy, fun & empowering conversations and reached out to us for the ☁️ collaboration of dreams☁️.

Almost 2 years later and we’re finally in stores worldwide! 🙌
Can I swim in my period pants?
We are afraid not!

Even though our period underwear has leak-proof magical gusset, it won't keep you protected from leaks while swimming! 🏊‍♂️

Similarly to period pads, period underwear is worn on the outside of your body meaning it will soak up water while swimming and will leave you with surrounded by a red cloud🩸.
Will you be releasing a range without Netflix branding?
Keep your eyes peeled... 👀

prefer the colour pink?

Check out our pink sustainable period pants featuring the sex education waistband 😍

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