What are the benefits of vegan condoms?

What are the benefits of vegan condoms?

Did you know that your sex life can be improved just by using vegan condoms?

Yes, you heard that right, vegan condoms are a thing and they're not just for vegans. In fact, they offer some pretty amazing benefits that will make you wonder why you ever settled for traditional condoms. It’s time to meet an ‘X’, that finally gives you an ‘O’.

What's the difference between vegan & non-vegan condoms?

The difference between vegan and non-vegan condoms might surprise you. Most people are familiar with the fact that latex, a fluid harvested from rubber trees, is the primary material used to make condoms. What might come as a shock though is that during the latex-making process, companies will soften the latex using milk protein casein. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s basically a form of curdled milk derived from cows, goats, or sheep – lovely. 

Luckily, vegan condoms are made without any animal products and they come with a tonne of benefits for both you and the environment.

What makes XO! Condoms different from other vegan condoms?

At Here We Flo, we’re super proud to say that our XO! Condoms are different from all the other vegan condoms out there. What makes our condoms extra special is that we’re the founding members of the sustainable rubber initiative they’re made from, better known as the Regenerative Rubber Initiative! 

Here We Flo condoms are made in a solar-powered factory, CO2-neutral and made with Righteous Rubber (Fair Agroforestry Latex). This means the rubber is sustainably harvested from rubber trees by a cooperative of small agroforesters who earn fair wages and practise biodiverse, sustainable farming of rubber trees. 

What are the benefits of XO! Vegan Condoms?

Sustainable sex

For starters, our natural condoms don't contain harmful chemicals like nitrosamines, spermicide, parabens, or glycerin, which can cause irritation. Instead, XO! condoms are made from natural plant-based rubber latex making them eco-friendly & biodegradable condoms. This means that they won't sit in landfills for hundreds of years, contributing to environmental damage. 

Extra pleasure 

The XO! Hi-Sensation Vegan Condoms are designed to give you and your partner an extra boost of pleasure with their unique ribbed and dotted texture. Not only that, but the silicone oil lubricant 

within these eco-friendly condoms helps to reduce friction and increase sensitivity, taking your experience to the next level (but we always recommend extra lube too!). 

“Barely-there” feel

If you're looking for a barely-there feel, the XO! Ultra-Thin Vegan Condoms are the way to go. These condoms are 34% thinner than the industry average, but don't let their delicate nature fool you - they're more than strong enough to provide protection. Plus, they also come with a silicone oil lubricant to enhance your pleasure. 

So, what are you waiting for? If this is all sounding like a great time, then it might be time to upgrade. Become a vegan in the sheets with either of our eco-friendly condom options!