Q: Are Flo tampon applicators made from plastic? A: No!

FLO organic applicator tampons

If you’ve ever asked yourself this, dw you’re not alone, this is a common question we hear from our Flo Babes, so we’re here to give ya an answer!

Okay so, in short, no, but the long answer? Let’s get into it. 

Our super-smooth eco-applicators are made from 95% biodegradable sugarcane and a small amount of plant-based plastic, a.k.a "bioplastics". These bioplastics actually break down, whereas "normal" - oil or petroleum-based - plastics do not.

Compostable bioplastics are biopolymers that break down into non-toxic organic matter after use and cause no harm to the environment. Whereas oil and petroleum-based plastics can take hundreds and hundreds of years to break down. These are the "bad" plastics that cause permanent damage to our planet. 

We’re super proud of how sustainable our sugarcane applicators are. The applicators are made of sugarcane waste (a renewable resource that would otherwise go to waste) in a facility powered by biofuel made from sugarcane waste (amazing, right?!). All of this reduces our carbon footprint as well as our dependence on fossil fuels (like petroleum, aka conventional oil and gas). It’s important to remember that menstruators may use 11,000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, so swapping to sugarcane applicators has a mega impact.

In contrast, other applicators are made from virgin trees (cardboard applicators) or petroleum-based plastics (conventional plastic applicators), often requiring high levels of energy and water in order to be produced.

For menstrual products, the SUPD (The Single-Use-Plastic Directive) doesn’t recognise the difference between petroleum-based plastic products and plant-based plastic products. It requires all types of plastic to be labeled, making it difficult for us to communicate our biodegradable bioplastic alternative. 

But remember, when you think of FLO, you can be assured that any bioplastic we're using: 1) breaks down into organic matter and 2) is made from plants, not petroleum! 

Here’s a little diagram to show where we use bioplastic*:

It’s also key to note that our Eco-applicator Tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, they’re biodegradable and individually wrapped in compostable, plant-based, plastic-free wrappers for on-the-go. Plus they’re packed in a 100% recyclable box, so they’re basically a big ol’ green flag all round!

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