The Feminist Features - Amika George

The Feminist Features - Amika George

Welcome to our new blog highlight - 'The Feminist Feature'!

Every month we'll be shouting out favourite feminist individuals that we're in awe of, and we'll tell you why you should be too! 🤩 

First up, we have Amika George (MBE).

Who Is Amika George?

Amika is the founder of the 'Free Periods Campaignwhich she founded at the age of 17!

Through persistent activism and her amazing initiative, period products became FREE in all secondary schools and colleges in England & in January 2020.

Alongside this, with the help of all the incredible period activists in the UK, tampon tax was also abolished on the 1st of January 2021.

Amika is also the youngest person to ever receive an MBE for her efforts and you can read why she nearly didn't accept it in Vogue here.

Why Do We Love Her?

If it isn't obvious already, we LOVE Amika because of her amazing efforts at such a young age to help improve the lives of those who menstruate in the UK in schools and in poverty - something our team at Here We Flo strongly believe in!

If you want to keep up with her amazing efforts like we do, head to her instagram here.

Who do you think we should feature next in the feminist/period activism space? Drop your fave below!